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Acts of Connection

One to Many One to Many

Our speech coaching and development will help you connect with audiences of all sizes by honing your ideas into clear and compelling content while also cultivating your own genuine delivery style for “TED Talk” calibre speeches and keynotes.

One to One One to One

Our dynamic training helps you in interviews, sales and pitches to think more quickly, handle curve balls, manage nerves, and–most importantly–be yourself.

Many to One Many to One

Our collaboration training helps businesses establish a positive and inclusive corporate culture based on principles of efficient collaboration, communication and creativity.


Client Reviews

  • Alex Reilly<br />IT Engineer

    Chris was an outstanding pitch doctor during the inaugural class of Project Skyway! He made himself available to work around my extremely busy schedule to ensure that my pitch was perfectly crafted for demo day. With Chris’ help I gave an effective pitch and received great feedback. I will use Chris’s services again in the future. Thanks Dr. Pitch!

    - Alex Reilly
    IT Engineer
  • Michael Noble<br />Founder, Apruve

    Chris works with me to get my investor pitch in order and get rid of “most” of my “ummm’s…”. He really dove into my business and had a true understanding of what we were trying to do and how best to relay that message. He should be working with any person out there looking to tell the story of their product, service, business or themselves. A pleasure to work with.

    - Michael Noble
    Founder, Apruve