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We help you connect with audiences of all sizes by honing your ideas into clear and compelling content while also cultivating your own genuine delivery style for “TED Talk” calibre speeches and keynotes.

Personal Brand Personal Brand

Be the most genuine, focused and value-driving version of yourself in front of high-stakes audiences like investors of clients. We help manage nerves, focus your message and turn the unpredictable into a launchpad for your personal brand and your unique value proposition.

Corporate Potential Corporate Potential

Establish a positive and inclusive culture based on best-practice principles of efficient collaboration, communication and creativity. Our innovative and engaging training brings value driven and practical insights to the power of the group, efficiencies of communication and the value of play.

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Powerful Stillness

We were excited to work with Steve Grove from Google on his recent speech at the Personal Democracy Forum 2013 in New York.  Steve did a phenomenal job on so many levels.  Check out how still he remains throughout his speech. Resisting the temptation to wander around the stage is one of the trickiest things […]

Memorization: Owning Your Words

Memorization: Owning Your Words

Memorization is both one of the most powerful tools a speaker has to truly owning their words and also one of the most mistakenly feared techniques. Following a few simple principles and some effort, you too can master well crafted content.
Yet, one of the funny little ironies about speaking in public is that most often speakers sound different, disconnected even, when repeating words they very well may have written. I’m constantly amazed at how alienating speakers can sound when they essentially force pre-packaged phrases on an audience thirsty for authenticity and meaning.

One of the most effective exercises that demonstrates this is to ask someone to explain what they just said (or read). Automatically, the mind and body shifts into their most efficient communication “gear” and you often hear someone genuinely try to explain something to you. What you hear then is more their “real” voice than a “speechified” or ill-prepared delivery. The goal for a speaker is to match the reading voice and the speaking voice so that they’re indistinguishable. The solution is to “own” your words. “Owning” in this context requires an investment of time to first memorize the carefully crafted words and then embodying the specific intent of the message. This is what professional actors do with their lines, essentially duplicating the natural process of conversation.

President Phrase Master

President Obama’s words have impressed many, but it’s his silences that have cemented his oratorical preeminence. This is especially clear when you compare his speech to Congress to Governor Jindal’s response.

One of the clearest marks of a good speaker is the amount, duration and placement of pauses. Ironically, these silence, more than any other audible characteristic of speech, that underscore the poise, thoughtfulness, and careful construction of an expert speaker.

A rudimentary graphic representation of the President’s speech shows this. Pauses as consistently significant and well-placed as these give listeners a sense of confidence. This makes physiological sense as well—the adrenaline and other by-products of the fight-or-flight reaction that washes over us in public settings forces voices faster and higher. Speakers who are able to maintain a steady pace and tone have effectively coped with this surge of adversity.


Client Reviews

  • Dug Nichols<br>CEO at Kidizen

    I worked with Chris on refining our startup pitch and he was hugely instrumental in shaping our presentation in both content and delivery. Chris is one of those rare individuals that has incredible “get it” factor. His ability to almost immediately understand the business and quickly move to coaching and refinement of the delivery of the information is awe inspiring. His work with Kidizen directly contributed to our ability to secure venture capital funding.

    - Dug Nichols
    CEO at Kidizen
  • Solome Tibebu <br>Mental Health Speaker, Entrepreneur & Technology Visionary

    Chris takes creative, thoughtful and detail-oriented to the max when working with his clients. He has not only his clients’ goals in mind but his clients’ clients’ goals as top priority- he is a real partner when it comes to accomplishing your project and goals and I would highly recommend him! He offered unique yet practical coaching that demonstrated clear value for our engagement. He challenged me and helped me reach higher achievements than I could have expected, and it was a lot of fun, too!

    - Solome Tibebu
    Mental Health Speaker, Entrepreneur & Technology Visionary
  • Alex Reilly<br>IT Engineer

    Chris was an outstanding pitch doctor during the inaugural class of Project Skyway! He made himself available to work around my extremely busy schedule to ensure that my pitch was perfectly crafted for demo day. With Chris’ help I gave an effective pitch and received great feedback. I will use Chris’s services again in the future. Thanks Dr. Pitch!

    - Alex Reilly
    IT Engineer