Get help to present your best version to audiences

Narrative Pros coaching and training uses evidence-based techniques to deliver measurable improvement in interpersonal communications.
NarrativePros coaching focuses your message and delivery to maximize clarity, authenticity, and purpose.
The success of every pitch, presentation, and meeting 
depends on 
persuasive communication.

Does your team have the tools to produce the results you seek?
Some people are natural communicators, but most of us need help
Big presentations mean devoting major time and effort by working smart
Being an expert in your field doesn’t make you an expert communicator
You know that one presentation should not define your team’s value.
But for your most important audiences, it often does.
Help both your team and their audiences.


We help you work smart and connect effectively with your most important audiences.

Individual Coaching

Work with our story experts to find the heart of your message, how to make your audience care about it, and learn practical and proven techniques for consistently delivering it.
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Small Group Training

Your team deserves to enjoy the sustainable success that comes from a culture of great internal communication–from shorter and more focused meetings to managing conflicts and identifying goals.
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Leadership Development

Leaders can learn to manage what they thought can’t be measured. Objective feedback and expert advice uncovers practical strategies for reaching those they most need to reach.
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  • "Chris Carlson and his associates are the people who turned our good idea into reality. I knew we were with the right group when I witnessed Chris consistently identifying the weakest elements of highly technical scientific presentations without having a clue what they were actually about!"

    Dr. Alexander Khoruts
    Professor of Medicine,
    Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition
  • "Despite giving hundreds of invited seminars about my research I was hungry to improve my oral communication skills. Chris Carlson's lectures opened my eyes to methods that I now routinely use to better organize and deliver oral presentations. "

    Marc K. Jenkins, Ph.D.
    Regents Distinguished McKnight University Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Director of the Center for Immunology at the University of Minnesota
  • "I worked with Chris on refining our startup pitch and he was hugely instrumental in shaping our presentation in both content and delivery. Chris is one of those rare individuals that has incredible 'get it' factor."

    Dug Nichols
    CEO & Co-founder
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