Experienced professional communicators from diverse disciplines with practical a focus

Chris Carlson

Chris is the chief communication coach at NarrativePros–a working actor of 25 years and a practicing immigration attorney. His approach focuses on connecting speakers to their core messages, genuine personalities, and targeted audiences. He works with every level of experience to leverage their authentic selves, increase the clarity of their messages, and cultivate greater presentness to audiences of every size. Central to his process is measurable development–using objective metrics to help describe delivery and results.


Brian Sostek

Brian is an award-winning writer, choreographer, director and performer.  For decades, he has applied his innate understanding of collaboration, creativity and communication as a passionate educator and coach in fields outside of the performing arts.  Brian is known for his rigorous approach to functional systems, both mental and physical, and the practical application of both in the pursuit of collective goals.


Jeff Brown

After an extensive and successful business career in sales and development, Jeff has spent the last 10 years focusing his communication skills on coaching executives to perform and present at a higher level, creating genuine connections with their audiences.  Visionary, optimistic and experienced describe his presentation and coaching style. He’s a “Think Differently” thinker who can create experiences that turn ideas into actions. Jeff has the talent to inspire people to take a desired course of action, such as: trying a new method; developing a new solution; patronizing a new brand; or convincing a team to realize an “impossible” radical innovation or an absurd sales target.