Leverage emotion in interaction


Certainty you deliver the best version of you and your value. 


The ease of sharing the most authentic, best version of yourself.


Complete presentness to your audience and their input.

How does it work?


Step outside your routine and let change of scenery set the tone. Old habits are easier to see and shake in a new setting.


We begin with facilitated discussion with your group to ground the day in relevancy. We firmly couch our value into your framework.


Through demonstration, observation, and interactive exercises, participants feel what it's like to successfully connect with their ideas, their genuine voice, and audiences of all sizes.

What is it?

On the surface, our Experience offering is a first-class off-site team building event.
Participants have fun, get to know each other differently, and experience a new level of collective engagement.
At its core, our Experience invests in the foundations of skill development. 
The skill of connecting our ideas, audiences and ourselves must be experienced to be learned.

Who is it for?


  • Groups from 10 - 100
  • Extroverts and introverts
  • Fun guaranteed... improvement highly likely