SciCom Services

NarrativePros can accommodate a wide range of your oral science communication needs from individual coaching to plenary sessions for large groups, and we are always happy to tailor our offerings to your specific situation. All of our work is based on thoroughly-tested techniques designed to achieve measurable changes in speaker performance with an audience-focused approach that brings abut the greatest impact for your sciences.

One-on-One Coaching

Whether you’re preparing for a specific presentation or wanting to improve skills in general, we use a highly-focused and enjoyable method that guarantees results.

  • We help you determine your objectives relative to the specific audience you’ll be addressing.
  • We lay out  a course of action for us to take together that considers your time, budget, and experience.
  • We provide options for continued virtual support using video and audio assessment platforms through our partnership with the University of Minnesota.
  • We apply time-tested techniques to address elements of your presentation including:
    • Rhetorical and narrative structure
    • Audience analysis, engagement, and interaction
    • Visual design (slides and posters)
    • Vocal production
    • Physical presence
    • Speaker apprehension
    • Practice methods

(1/2 and Full Day)

Working with a cohort of scientist communicators, we offer highly interactive entertaining workshops, for up to 25 participants, on a number of specific topics including:

  • Intentional perspective shifting to improve AX (audience experience)
  • Audience analysis and engagement concepts
  • Improvisation skills for audience interaction
  • Having challenging conversations
  • Speaker support design basics
  • Vocal production and physical presence
  • Overcoming speaking anxiety
  • Effective feedback process
  • Effective practice techniques

Classes and Seminars

By meeting on regular basis with students ranging from undergraduates to faculty members, we lead students through a carefully-designed syllabus with the goal of producing complete presentations in a variety of formats.

  • Classroom contact hours and format vary depending on specific learning objectives and environment
  • All classes and seminars employ a balance of lecture and practicum, but work outside of contact hours is expected
  • Student evaluations of are based on a combination of expert and self-assessment
  • Presentation format types can include:
    • 3-minute thesis
    • Poster talk
    • Chalk talk
    • Key note
    • Testimony
    • Site visit
    • Grant pitch

Plenary Sessions

We offer engaging and informative presentations to gatherings of any size, and are happy to accommodate requests for specific topics. Existing talks include:

  • “Fear, Failure and Catastrophe: Embracing Ambiguity for Greater Creativity and a Happier Life”
  • “Chalk Talks, Poster Talks and Interviews: Following a Winding Path to a Clear Destination”
  • “How to put the ‘feed’ back in feedback: Turning a stomach-turning experience into a nourishing one”
  • “Science Communication Basics: Intentional Perspective Shifting for Greater Audience Impact”